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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: God protects & helps in Material (Samsaric) problems of Bhakta (seeker)
Warm Greetings!

I have been a regular recipient on email of your wonderful articles / Siddhayoga e-Yoga letters. I cannot thank you enough for them.

Coming straight to the question I have:

I am an engineer and have a small manufacturing unit of consumer products. I was blessed with Shaktipat Deeksha by my Gurudev around 4 years back. All seemed to going very fine, until 2 years back. I was consistent in Sadhana, was in a peaceful state of mind, and loved reading spiritual books.

Then, due to stagnation in growth of business, a new opportunity came in, whereby, I got connected to people who would help me set-up a plant for bigger units. I thought about it very deeply, as I was concerned that my inner peace & Sadhana shouldn’t be disturbed due to any new project.

But, as fate would have it, (or my hidden desires would have it), I asked for suggestions from few like-minded spiritually oriented friends & I was told that you can certainly go ahead with it. Also, I was told that it is very important to consult my Pujya Gurudev & ask His permission before venturing into it.

I was a bit hesitant to do so, as I always felt that we should be asking our Guru, questions related to spiritual growth, rather than materialistic growth. But yet, I managed to meet Gurudev & gave Him a letter with complete details, asking for His permission. I was equally prepared for both 'Yes' or 'No' from Him. Pujya Gurudev personally read the letter, when I was with Him, gave His consent & told me to dedicate this new business to Shiva & tell Shiva that this is His business & not mine. I have been doing that.

Now the problem is; it’s almost 2 years that we have started the business, I have invested 50 Lakh Rupees. There seems to be no financial revenue from the new venture, although we are trying very hard. Also, I am expecting some financial returns from another avenue, which should have come around 2 years back. Nothing seems to be going our way.

I understand that this is my Karma at play, but the side-effects are that I am not at a very peaceful state of mind, as I earlier was, (and I am not as consistent in Sadhana too, as I was before, because during Sadhana, these thoughts come up very forcefully).

My dilemma is:

Should I intensely pray to God / Gurudev / Swami Samarth Maharaj (3-day upasana) to help me out of this?


Should I allow this Karmic phase to have its own way, and I just bear it (in order to get rid of it). I am not able to be in a state-of-witness, where I shouldn’t be collecting new Samskaras.

Your advice / guidance will be of great help.

Rahul (Name changed), India

Here is my opinion

What is the use of the God that cannot help the seeker? God is our source, our mother, our origin. He must help; Note this statement very carefully – “God has no other option but to help the seeker who can bind him in his heart” . I don’t believe in a mother that cannot be biased towards her child. There is God and He must help you. Mother must help & protect her child. She being a divine mother will try to stay away from your material world but she cannot run away from her responsibility for too long. I cannot tell the timeline or how the help will arrive. God’s ways are absolutely intricate and beyond our imagination. But, I have no doubt that God changes everything for the seeker that can knock on his door long enough, hard enough, and consistently enough. Even Prarabdha Karma rules WILL be bent for that seeker. I have no doubt about this.

Yes, you should allow this Karmic phase to have its own way but there will be a point of time things will be changed in your favor…irrespective of you past Karma….Damn the Prabdha Karma if you are holding the divine hand! He will change everything at appropriate time. Every Karma accounting will be changed if required. I have seen many people in my life who have experienced miracles and divine interventions…just unbelievable, even death WILL be averted (its rate..but if that is required in exceptional circumstances). Everything will be changed for the seeker. That is GOD!!! That is GURU!! That is AVATAR

On my site I have mentioned many places – God does not interfere in our lives. Prarabha Karma must be consumed. That is true to some extent. This is a rule. But this rule has exception. Exception happens for Bhaktas (seekers)….it always does. It must. Read Is the future totally predestined or can we change it? and Contradiction: How can God help if he cannot change Karma?

Protecting the seeker is God’s primary duty. So he must respond to your calls. The question is how hard and how consistently you can call him, how strong can you hold his hand, how long can you keep your faith intact without breaking down. How it will be worked out and when? I have no answer for that. But I have tremendous faith in the divine and his ability to intervene and bypass the laws of Prabdha Karma when needed. God always follows the law that he has laid down (law of Karma), but he will always break the same law many times…for his Bhakta…who can carry the divine in his heart combined with a divine purity of thought, speech and actions.

Read the next two paragraphs very carefully:

There are two ways God helps 1) He will either change the events in human life (called miracle) or 2) the seeker will get enough strength & divine wisdom where the impact of Prarabdha Karma (events) will be minimal on him.

Avatars will help using 1st option. The 2nd option is generally preferred by the Gurus (but there are exceptions). Avatars use Divine grace in changing the Prabdha Karma. (It will not be burnt. It must still be consumed, but the timeline, intensity and accounting can be postponed for sure).

Remember, he takes very long time to respond….he literally tests seekers patience. He will make seeker sustain at least some percentage of his Karma account. I cannot tell how.

Here is a very important aspect which many seekers are not aware. If seeker is doing honest spiritual efforts to attain the divine (eternal bliss) then he stands very high chance of receiving divine help in resolving material problems. On the other hand those that are running after the material world with an objective of fulfilling material desires & have weak faith have to work very hard to receive the same results.

…so in short your job is far simpler than an ordinary individual with a weak faith.

Here is another strange rule of the divine (bolded words are extremely important in this paragraph).

Karma rules 'absolutely' for a normal individual (who is running after the desires). On the other hand, God fulfills every REMAINING desire of the seeker who is trying to keep distance from the desires. God will run after the seeker when he is running away from the desires. God will do every effort within the karma framework to fulfill seeker's RESIDUAL desires so that he gets the FREEDOM he is seeking.

Having said all this, here is what you can do to receive the divine grace:

Keep Shakti (Kundalini) Sadhana on. Whether you can concentrate or not, it does not matter. Sit for meditation for at least 20-30 minutes every day. Kundalini is an intelligent energy. She knows more about you than yourself. She has ability to correct many aberrations which she can do only if you give her time of 20-30 minutes every day. She will continue to work as long as you are sitting for Sadhana. Even if your state of mind is stormy, explosive she will work on your spiritual body that will be reflected in your physical world sometime in the future. She IS your divine mother. Help her to help you!

You need not do 3 days Swami Samarth upasana but you should read the page frequently. That is where you will draw your strength…and your strength and faith is an extremely important in your material effort. Try to maintain the intense state of mind mentioned in that page (this can happen only after extreme pains). Try to follow Dos and Don’t’s mentioned here. That will help. Your Guru, Swami Samarth and Divine are one and the same.

We are living in a technical world. Buy a portable MP3 player if you can. Put it in your ears when you are by yourself. Continue to listen to as many songs on this page. Listen to Tarak Mantra as many times a day. This is the biggest service you will do to yourself. Do try to understand the meaning of all the words in the songs. Whenever you get personal time go back to Swami Naam and his Bhakti songs.

I have attached Swam Charan Paduka with this email. Let your mind hover over them when you are in trouble. Hold them tight. Keep pulling Swami ‘Naam’ string, keep singing Swami Bhakti songs, and keep holding to his lotus feet very tight when in a depressed state….he will NOT ignore you for long.

It is a tremendous struggle between your Prarabdha Karma and the Divine Grace that you are capable of receiving. The amount of divine grace (that can change anything and everything) is directly proportional to your sincere and consistent efforts with high intensity. If your wife can help you in this that will be even better.

Best of luck! Believe me – Swami works where everything else fails! Swami is “Purna Avatar” ** of Shri Datta Guru. He must help…..if you don’t leave him with any other option but to help you!

Swami is Purna Avatar (Shripad Shri Vallabha: 1320-1352 being the first one) therefore my highest level of confidence and faith in him!

** What is Avatar?

Avatar is a direct descent of divine to Earth, or descent of the Supreme Being. Lord Absolute himself in the form of Avatar, comes down to be in the creation to guide and protect Bhaktas and to re-establish Sanatana Dharma (Law of Eternal or Universal Righteousness) in this world. The Avatar, or incarnation, descends from the kingdom of God for material manifestation. There are three Dattatreya’s Avatars in the recent times.

** What is Purna Avatar?

The power that various Avatars have differs greatly. God sometimes incarnates with full powers and sometimes a smaller portion of his glory depending on the purpose. The Lord’s manifestation in His Avatars ranges from nine to sixteen digits or rays (called Kalas). The full or Purna Avatars are those in whom all sixteen rays are present. Purna means it is complete in all respects. From their birth till returning back to Vaikuntha. A Poorna Avatar is one where the avatar is fully conscious, simultaneously about his Jiva form, his God form and his Turiya (Brahm) form, even at the time of their birth. Read more about Avatar

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: God protects & helps in Material (Samsaric) problems of Bhakta (seeker) Topics: Vedanta, Vedic Ideology and Samsara, material world

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