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Q & A: Goddess Maa Kali and Kundalini Yoga: Can I follow both devotions?
I was born in a poor Hindu Brahmin family, and have full faith in spiritual powers and its presence. I am also a devotee of Maa kali. I want to wake up my kundalini chakra. I visited many place to find the way. But till now I am unable to find any option. Some where people ask for money and somewhere for other cause.

How can I be a sadhak of Maa Kali as well as raise my kundalini?

So, I would like to request you that if you have any knowledge that where and how I can get help to find out the way regarding Kundalini awakening (shaktipat). Please help me.

Aishwarya (Name changed), India

Maa Kali and Kundalini Yoga

In my view, being devotee of Maa Kali and doing efforts for Kundalini awakening or walking path of Kundalini Yoga are no two different things. They are complimentary to each other.

Goddess Maa Kali or Kalika

Goddess Maa Kali – Kalika

(Goddess Maa Kali: Maa Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti. Maha Kaali or Maa Kali is the fiercest of all goddesses of Hinduism. The word Kali has its roots in the Sanskrit word "Kaal", which means time. And nothing escapes from time. Goddess Kali is sometimes referred as the goddess of death. But actually Kali brings the death of the ego. Even in the scriptures, she has killed demons but not anyone else. Kali is also not associated with Yama (the Hindu God of Death). Kali is considered a form of mother too.)

PP Shri Loknath Tirth: Devotee of Maa Kali and proponent of Siddha Yoga

The best example of this together is of PP Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj (Birth: 1892 - Samadhi: 1955). Swami Loknath Tirth was born in Bengal. At his young age Maa Kali herself ordered Swami to take diksha from Shree Shankar Bramhachari Purushottam Maharaj. Swamiji later took Sanyas Diksha and left for Himalayas. Swamiji was living ascetic life in solitude in the Himalayas when he was directed by mother Maa Kali (or call Kundalini if you want) to go to south and spread Siddha Kundalini Yoga in south India. This is when Swamiji left the solitude of Himalayas and came to Madhya Pradesh and then to Maharashtra where he initiated PP Yogiraj Shree Gulavani Maharaj along with many others through Shaktipat Deeksha. Yogiraj Shree Gulavani Maharaj happens to be my Grand Guru (my Guru’s Guru) in the path of Siddha Yoga. Later on Swamiji helped spread Shaktipat sadhana and Siddha kundalini yoga all over India.

Swami Loknath Tirth is also known to have been given a Sagun Darshan (vision of God with attributes in physical form) by Maa Kali. Thus Swami Loknath Tirth is the best example of being a devotee of Maa Kali and also being a proponent of Siddha Maha yoga (or Kundalini yoga).

In my view you should read Charitra of PP Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj. Book on Swamiji from Vasudev Nivas (Pune ashram by Yogiraj Shree Gulavani Maharaj) can provide you all the details about Mahayoga path (or kundalini yoga) and his devotion towards Maa Kali.

Siddha Maha Yoga Initiation with Shaktipat Deeksha

P.P. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj (Shaktipat Guru, Nashik) was initiated with Shaktipat Diksha into Siddha yoga by P.P. Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj. So, in my view, Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj can be your best option to initiate on the path of Kundalini Yoga. So when you are ready you may contact them for further guidance.

About some people asking money for spiritual favor: I do not think you should fall for this. In my view, there is no GOD where they ask money for spiritual favors. The Divine knowledge is always free because it can not be valued in money. Here is page which will provide you details about - Qualities and Abilities of a Siddha Shaktipat Guru

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Goddess Maa Kali and Kundalini Yoga: Can I follow both devotions? Topics: Kundalini and Shaktipat initiation

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