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Q & A: Kundalini problems: Energy Imbalances affecting my Chakras
I completed Rekhi Level III in 2000. I have severe Kundalini imbalance problem for last 12 years. This happened when I was chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which I used to chant 540 times a day. It was in 2001 while I was chanting the Mantra, I felt my entire body started burning as if I was engulfed in fire. I could feel the intense burning sensation all over my body, more so in my palms. This continued for to 5 to 6 years. IN 2005 I started doing Aulom Vilom Pranayam and then the heat subsided to some extent. After that when my awareness started increasing I realized that I am going through an extreme clairsentience (being able to sense psychic information). Any energy in the form of pyramids, Ranta, smell, beads, Ragas, Mantras were affecting my Chakras. I am in the state of extreme imbalance as of now. I feel scared, insecure, and lethargic.

The Kundalini Shakti and the feelings are just too overwhelming for me. The Chakra energy keeps changing all the time depending on the energy fields I am in. viz. the smell of aroma oils, perfumes, colors, Ratna, Food, medicines, pyramids, crystals, all Mantras and chants. Really I have no clue as to what is the path I should follow.

Most of time I spend in office I keep searching for answers. I am into Software Industry and it is very difficult to concentrate and focus on my work because of the experiences/imbalance I am going through. Feelings and emotions keep changing all the time. But when I listen to my inner self I do feel blessed and see a purpose for this experience. At the same time the imbalance does cause lot of discomfort as I never feel normal.

Just wish to elaborate further. I have stopped chanting Mantras but when I listen to them and the Ragas they have an effect on specific Chakras as explained below:

Mooladhara Chakra: Ganesh Mantra / Raga Shyam Kalyan & Bilawal

Swadhithana Chakra: Gayatri Mantra, Om Namo Narayana, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeyaya / Raga Yaman

Nabhi Chakra: Shri Ram Chants / Raga Abhogi

Anhata Chakra: All chants and Prayers of Maa Durga / Raga Durga and Raga Bhairav

Vishudhi Chakra: Raga Jaijaiwanti

Ajna Chakra: Om and Om Namah Shivaya / Raga Bhoopali and Raga Bageshwari

Sahasrara Chakra: Mahamrutunjaya Mantra / Raga Darbari and Raga Bhairavi

Some of these Ragas and Chants have and extreme effect on the Chakras and more so the Anhata Chakra and Ajna Chakra. All the Maa Durga Mantra have an extreme and intense effect on my Anhata Chakra. My eyes are heavy all the time. I do feel good for some time but I am never balanced overall.

I need to understand the reasons for these events and the remedy for removing the Chakra blockages and balancing them. Also what is that is going to happen eventually when I achieve the Balance and the process and time frame for achieving it as it has been 12 years for which I am going through these experiences?

Please help. I really need spiritual guidance for the path I should walking on for my future journey. I would be really grateful if you could explain and guide me to the right path.

Soham (Name changed), India

Here is the detailed answer you are seeking:

You mentioned: “It was in 2001 while I was chanting the mantra, I felt my entire body started burning as if I was engulfed in fire. I could feel the intense burning sensation all over my body, more so in my palms. This continued for to 5 to 6 years”.

If body heat persists you should eat and drink dairy products more frequently. Milk, Butter milk, Butter, Ghee every 3-4 hours will help reduce the heat. This applies for all those who are on the path of Kundalini Yoga. You will find the reason for this in “Living with Kundalini” by Gopi Krishna

About the problem of Energy imbalances affecting your Chakras:

I am pretty sure the following Bhakti Upasana (spiritual efforts) will work in resolving your energy imbalances. It will at least reduce your fear and spiritual troubles provided the troubles are because of unintended flow of Kundalini. If your Chakra blockages and energy imbalances are because of the reason other than Kundalini and if your issue is not noticeably reduced in next 2-3 months then you may need more similar Upasana (it will be your choice). I am hoping you will not be required to do it for more than 3 months.

What if this does not work for you? You will need to seek help from an able Siddha Guru in that case. I may be able to provide some details about living Gurus.

Here is the Bhakti Sadhana with the assumption that your energy/Chakra imbalances are purely because of Kundalini issues:

The first and foremost important thing you need to do is to understand the logic before you start the Sadhana. You are from IT background so you know the importance of understanding the complete flow-chart & design before you start coding Smiley Face

Why Kundalini troubles?

You may wonder, if Kundalini is the supreme force why should one face troubles created by Kundalini? This generally happens only to those whose Kundalini has awakened in absence of a Shaktipat Guru (which I assume is your case). When Kundalini Yoga is done under guidance of an able Siddha Guru, he will be able to moderate Kundalini if/when she overflows. In absence of an able Guru, Kundalini Sadhana can be troublesome sometimes. At the same time Kundalini will guide the Sadhak in the right direction so that the issue is eventually resolved. If your troubles are because of overflow of Kundalini, then rest assured, it is her who guided you in the current direction. That is how divine arrangement works. Very hard to explain that logically though. Our discussion may be part of the process (no ego intended). Faith can reach a realm wherein reason can hardly enter. Faith can move mountains.

Why will it be resolved because of the Upasana I am suggesting?

Since Kundalini energy is not moderated (in absence of an able Guru) what can one do? Simple option is to try to reach the Guru of Gurus, the Divine or the Creator. Who can it be other than Shri Dattatreya?

Shri Datta Guru is primal manifestation in the Guru tradition (Supreme Guru Principal). Shri Dattatreya is considered to be the presiding deity (Ishta Devata) for the path of Yoga – therefore called as "Lord of Yoga". Guru Dattatreya gifted Ashtanga Yoga (eight fold path of Yoga) to the world. Shri Datta Guru is the ideal of the Guru principle and the proponent of Yoga.

Since your Chakras and energy field MAY have been disturbed we are going to seek help directly from the Guru of Gurus. That is the reason for seeking help from Shri Dattatreya. In a simple analogy: since you cannot contact a Manager (Guru), you are going to try and contact the CEO of the company (the creator of Universe).

You can do the following Sadhana/Upasana every day in order for Shri Dattatreya to guide you in the right direction so that Kundalini energy is streamlined by removing all imbalances.

Why should it work?

The simple reason is – Divine helps everyone who seeks his intervention. What is the use of God who does not help? He must, if description of his omnipresence and omnipotence is true.

God helps in resolving material problems for seeker. If that is true then he must help those who are having trouble in Sadhana that is done to attain him (which you have been trying). In fact the help comes much sooner for a spiritual Sadhak than the devotees who is seeking his help to resolve material problems.

What I am trying to tell you is your chances of your success are much higher then others who are seeking various material things from the Divine.

Why I wrote all this? Because the perfect understanding will help you substantially in performing the Upasana. Then only it can succeed. I hope I was able to pass my message.

Seek help from Shri Swami Samarth to resolve energy imbalances

To fix the issues of energy imbalances I am going to suggest you to seek help from Shri Swami Samarth. Shri Swami Samarth is the third Avatar of Shri Dattatreya. Why am I suggesting the third Avatar and not the first or second Avatar? Because 1) he is the most recent one and 2) there is lot of literature and many of his devotional songs are available on the internet. Remember: You can create the necessary devotion only after you read his Charitra, Leela (miracles) and also listen to Bhajans. Human mind is extremely unstable and is always doubtful. It needs consistent reminders about existence of God. Hence Sant Charitra (literature of Saints), their Mantras, Bhajans and devotional songs are extremely important in Bhakti Yoga path.

The Upasana

The only thing I can do in this effort is to tell you without any doubts that this will work as long as you do this with right Bhava (inner feelings). How do you bring the right Bhava, purity and intensity? Please read this Swami miracle cure

Here is the meditation to seek help from the Guru-Tatva (principal):

Please visit this page of Swami Samarth. It is a page of Naam Japa of Shari Swami Samarth.
Japa (repetition of Swami Samarth’s name), Swami Mantra and Naam

Here is “Tarak Mantra” (that will protect Sadhak in difficulties). I know it is a different language for you and you may not get the exact meaning. But it tells about how Swami protects his devotees. Try to find its meaning on the internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q6T44bW5bE

Try to buy Swami’s Tasbir (frame) from local store. If you don’t find one, you can print one of the photos from here
Swami Samarth Photos

Keep the frame/photo in your Poojghar (or your place of meditation)

Before you start the meditation (Dhyana before Swami) please pray to Swami to help you in this effort of coming out of the Kundalini trouble and energy imbalances.

You can meditate once a day for about half an hour or you can do it twice a day 15 minutes each.

• Sit comfortably with your eyes OPEN. (Upright and relaxed, cross-legged, on the floor or mat. Rest your hands palms open and upward on your lap or on knees. Upright does NOT mean strained position; it should be a relaxed and still upright position.) Keep the body completely relaxed.

• During the meditation you don’t have to do any mantra. Take Swamis Naam (from the link above). When taking his Naam pray to him earnestly (from bottom of your heart) that you need his help to resolve the troubles.

• Most important: Your eyes should be settled at his feet during all the times.

• You can do normal breathing. Do not interfere by doing any Kriyas or stopping if some happen involuntarily.

• I am hoping not many Kriyas will happen. But in case some do then let them happen as long as they are simple Kriyas.

Please note the key of the Upasana is “Naam/Jaap” of Swami who would help calm down troubling experiences and reduce your energy imbalances, scare in your mind etc. Frequently read some books about Swami Samarth to strengthen your faith in him. You can find good material about Swami online. Here is one by N.S.Karandikar - http://books.google.com/books?id=Ukr_Jk9TDCYC

Also listen to his songs during the day on MP3 player if you have access to one. This will help a lot.

Please let me know your experiences after 7-10 days of Upasana.

Best of luck in your spiritual efforts! May Swami guide you in the right direction!

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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